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mother and child tender moment in black and white
Hi! I am Julia, I live in St Andrews, Scotland, with my 3 kids and Italian husband, who's doing research at the University here. I love long walks and bicycle rides, holding hands with my kids and a good cup of coffee.

Life in our house is busy and a bit chaotic. Our kids' names all start with an 'M'. We speak 3 languages (I'm Ukrainian with Russian as native language, plus Italian and English). We build Legos, read, watch movies (National Geographic documentaries are the current favourite) and we usually try to escape from Scottish summer to visit with the grandparents. We have a rule that sticks, rocks and other treasures from our outdoor adventures stay in the garden, but kids still try to sneak them in :-)

Here's some of my three 'M'.

I love autumn, colour blue and walking barefoot on the beach. I knit sweaters for my kids (which sometimes never get quite finished. Same often happens to my other DIY projects). I love to cook and bake with my kids, and our kitchen is full of hand-painted ceramics.

For almost 14 years photography has a very special place in my heart and in my life.

I specialize in family photography for parents who want beautiful and meaningful photographs, without cheesy smiles and awkward posing. My style is timeless and artistic, and I am known for my ability to use environment, light and natural details like blooms and foliage to create gorgeous and unique images. I believe family photos should be about your kids running wild and free, surprise hugs and holding hands, little messes and authentic interactions and love you have for each other. Beautifully captured everyday moments and simple things that your family loves doing together.

I only shoot on location, at your home or a favourite outdoor place, that has a meaning for your family and your story. The shoot often looks like we go for a walk together, with kids leading the flow of the session. I may give some gentle direction, but usually I am just an observer capturing the moments as they unfold.

My work has been featured by Vogue Italia, LooksLikeFilm, Clickinmoms and two biggest Instagram communities dedicated to children photography - @CandidChildhood and @ChildhoodUnplugged, as well as on @JJcommunity, @Heart_imprint and others. I am also finalist of Shoot and Share contest - one of the biggest international photo competitions.

Take a look around. And if it feels rights - get in touch, I'd love to connect with you.


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