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St Andrews by the front door photo project

I'm starting a little project. It's about us as a community and how we go through this new and uncertain time. We cannot get together with family and friends, but we are together in this as a community. Going through the same feelings and emotions, trying to figure out how to live this new normal, how to make sure everyone is safe and sane. It's a rough time, but there is also so much goodness happening.

The idea is to document families by their front door, through a window or in their yard. Reading, talking, playing with bubbles or making chalk drawings by your front door. Just being together at home.

I'll spend 5-10 min at each home, using my long lens to be sure there's plenty of distance, and we'll be communicating with our phones. I am not making a charge for these photos. Instead, I am asking that, if you can afford it, please make a donation to North East Fife Community Hub and Cafe, a local St Andrews charity supporting vulnerable people in our communi…

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