Cairnie fruit farm - fun day out

straw bales and slide, farm playgournd

Kids went straight to the playground - there is so much to do here, so many options. Go karts, different slides and rides, swings, trampolines and giant bouncy pillow. While they had their fun, I went to wander in raspberry and bramble patches to see what fruit we can come to pick later - that was planned for the afternoon.

We all took turns on go karts - always good fun. It's well worth taking a book and just enjoying it in the sun while kids run and jump and ride.

children riding go karts

The corn maze - another favourite. It's shaped like a sea turtle this year. We never manage to wander strategically and find all points with clues in the maze, kids want to be wild and take some shortcuts and just run around. We did some circles, picked some corn, found some clues (not all) and decided it's time for raspberries and strawberries :-)

Raspberry and strawberry patches. Simple joy of seeing how things grow, showing the kids how to find the ones ready to pick, a bit of tasting and licking berry juice off your fingers.

children picking strawberries on the farm

We ended the day with sunflowers, and brought a giant bouquet home - along with requests to come again. Closer to Halloween - because then there's pumpkin patch to visit!

mother and child in sunflowers


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